My name is Mariah Cassandra and I am obsessed with the creative process. I’m so happy to have you here!

36545528_10214083777542211_6078872534940385280_o4 years ago I launched the Seeking Wondrous Life Blog which I can honestly say saved my soul. During this time I was traveling and exploring new places and simply trying to find who I was.

Today, that same blog has been transformed into Cassandra Creative.

Not only do I love being creative through photography, blogging, embroidery, and any other creative project I can get my hands on but I have a serious passion for teaching and helping other’s on their creative journey and success. I will forever want to learn new things and grow my skills. I hope I can provide this space for you to learn, grow and encourage you to explore creativity in your everyday life!

I currently live in sunny Southern California with my super cool husband, Matt. Together we love to explore, eat cookies and even thrift shop together! We are 100% that annoying couple in restaurants that won’t stop laughing.

If you are interested in partnerships, advertising or just want to say hi please feel free to email me at mariahcassandra.creative@gmail.comΒ 

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