Just some rambling and things.

Hello friends and welcome back to my blog! This post is a little catch up to let you know what has been going on in my life the past month or so. It’s a Sunday at 11am and I am in my pajamas, drinking some coffee, and chillin’.

Wow wowie wow. Life is gotten BUSY & I have missed blogging so much. Lately, I’ve been thinking about where this blog is going and to be honest I hope it’s a platform that I can use as my creative outlet and not be so serious. I get so caught up in a “brand” mindset that I really limit myself. But hey, let’s just be chill, talk, create cool things, and life experiences. Honestly, those are my best and most enjoyable blogs to write. I have enough jobs in my life where I’m serious. Let’s just have fun!

Here is what my August has looked like…

First of all — I don’t like August and never have but this month has gone particularly well despite having a couple of breakdowns here and there lol but moving on.

I’m legally GREEN! My last name has been officially changed, I have a new California license, and everything. I’m in the process now of changing my photography branding from Mariah Baumgartle Art & Photography to Mariah Green Photography. I will be focusing on food and restaurant photography moving forward. Do you think I should add a fork to my logo?

Not only do I still manage Love Your Bath and Body but I have also accepted a position where I am now teaching art and dance/gymnastics for a local after-school tutoring program. I love this company, the educators, and the kids! I started teaching 1 art class a week during the summer but starting in September my schedule will be 2 art classes and 2 dance classes a week. The biggest part of my job is that the art and dance program is brand new so they have asked me to help build the program and curriculum! It has been so much work but also extremely rewarding.

My husband and I have also been pretty busy with our new online boutique. Matthew and I launched an online boutique back in April/May called Brandi Alexander Boutique. However, our first run didn’t go as well as we had hoped so we took a break from it for awhile and rebranded. We knew we really wanted to sell lingerie so we took the plunge, headed to the fashion district, and purchased our products. The products sat in our storage closet for a couple of months but at the end of July I had the idea to maybe sell our products on Poshmark, an app/website where you can sell pre-loved thrifted items but you can also have a boutique where you sell wholesale/new items which is what we really wanted. I already had an account and an open closet with some personal items I was selling anyway. The end of July we decided to pause our website and post all of our products on Poshmark. To our surprise, it has gone extremely well so far and to be honest it is so much fun! This is why you DO NOT GIVE UP!

You can check out our Poshmark Closet Here. We sell lingerie, plus size lingerie, panties, bras, really fun choker necklaces and other accessories. We will also be adding some really cool artwork as well!

I have what I would like to call “The Curse of the Busy Bee Bug.” This means that the busier I am, the more wild my mind is and I feel like I CANNOT BE STOPPED. I’m feel like a mad scientist or when Frankensien was born “IT’S ALIVEEEE!!” When my schedule is slammed that’s when my mind is like “Hey Mariah, let’s do THIS NOW!” I get a bug to start doing embroidery again, watercolor, blogging, photography, maybe let’s launch another boutique, should I start a youtube channel or podcast? It doesn’t end! Whenever I stop and take some time to myself I feel so much guilt because I know I should be spending my time doing something else or working on a new project. It’s a curse but I feel so blessed for these opportunities lately and that my creative spirit is back in full swing!

Next Sunday will be the beginning of the 4 best months of the year and I am PUMPED. September is going to be amazing (it’s ma birthday month, ya know!) We still have a week left of August and I’m wondering what I can accomplish in that time. I still need to read a book. SOS I need book requests!

I’ll see you in September!


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