Flippin’ frittata.

This is a story of rejection.

I had an interview to be a food photographer. For this interview I had to make some food or just purchase some food to photograph. It was the day after our trip to Portland, my car was dead, and I had almost no food so I called my friend Chef Gordon Ramsay and asked what I could make. Gordon said “You need to make a f*ckin’ frittata but don’t f*ck it up you panini head” (half of this is a lie but could you imagine?!)

So I quickly whipped up all of the 8 eggs we had, with the last bit of our spinach, the last bit of cheese, and garlic and poured that baby in my cast iron skillet. I felt amazing to present this frittata.

They seemed impressed and then I had an hour to photograph, edit and send the images. I was so thrilled when I got a call back for a second interview and felt so confident afterwards.

I didn’t get the job.

Rejection is hard and especially if it’s something you want so bad. I have had my fair share of rejection. You can take your moment to cry, be upset, but then you have to move on and keep pushing. Rejection doesn’t just feel bad but if you hold onto it long enough you still start to feel a great amount of low self-worth and when your self-worth is so low, it is difficult to manifest those amazing opportunities back into your life.

Each rejection means you tried

Did you put in 10 applications and only walk away with 1 interview? Put in 20 more applications and get 2 more interviews. Go out and do something for yourself that will make you feel whole and happy. Go make another frittata. Go do something fun that has nothing to do with work. Leave and come back with a fresh mind, focus, and spirit.

Please enjoy my frittata.

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