Why the heck it is so important to be authentically you!

I’m going to share a little secret with you. I’ve had such a lack of motivation with this blog and I’ll tell you why

I wasn’t being authentically me.

I have a passion for blogging but when I started this project/new blog I decided “Okay. I’m going to be super professional!” and although that’s a great thing to be I got a little lost in my own voice and why I loved blogging in the first place.

I made this entire “concept” of things I should post and I just never really felt like writing those things. Which hellloooooo… what’s the point of a creative blog if I feel creatively restricted?! *face palm!*

In reality I’m a little awkward, laugh at my own stupid jokes, probably very annoying on snapchat, and the sound of my own voice makes me cringe which is why I avoid vlogging. However, that’s me and who I am. I’m silly, a little sassy, love to laugh, and make other’s laugh too!

When it comes to your creative career you need to find that sweet balance of being professional and attracting an audience but you also need to be YOU in your content.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s so important to be authentically you — even in your creative career.

Gaining motivation from something you actually love

Listen — If you are trying to sell something that you do not fully believe in then nobody is going to buy into it and your motivation will be sinking. However, if you are building something around what you really love and believe in then it is 10x easier to be motivated and excited about your work. When you are truly passionate and motivated about something then other’s will also also notice and believe it.

Example Story: You decide you need to earn a little more extra cash and maybe learn some new skills. You decide to sell Mary Kay. I have been to parties before, probably about 5 and I have only bought from one consultant. The one consultant I bought from was because I truly believed that she loved the makeup and cared about me and what I needed without faking the rest just to get a buck. It seemed like an actual passion she had.

So, what is your motive? Is it to just get the buck or is it something that you actually love and enjoy?

Find your people.

If you are trying to be authentically you but you are not getting the attraction you need — maybe you are in the wrong place! The world and internet is a big place but in all honesty, you have to find them. Once you find your people that have the same interests and style that you do it makes it much easier. You need to find your demographic and clients — they will not find you in the beginning.

Example Story: When I was in school our instructors always told us to go where we fit. Find our people and find our clients. If you are trying to be a food photographer in Utah — it’s not really going to work out as well for you because food kinda sucks in Utah and you cannot get mad that your demographic is not where you are. (this is me. I am the example.) If you are a lovable family photographer though — heck yeah Utah is your place and that’s so cool because you have found your people and there is a huge demographic for that!

Maybe your people are in another place, another social media platform, the dark depths of Craigslist (not recommended)… you can find those people you just have to put yourself out there and try.

You’re gaining inspiration from the wrong influencers

“Oh I can’t do this. I don’t look like that. I don’t have their same style or personality. Their work is so much better than mine will ever be” AH! It’s things like this that hurts my heart for my fellow creatives who just crave to get their work and passions out in the world! Do me a huge favor and stop following that instagram influencer that is intimidating you to do what you want right now. Instead, follow people who are like YOU with a similar style, personality, and will give you more motivation and less intimidation.

Example Story: Your instagram is full of influencers with 50K+ followers, they are creating bright and lovely content of their perfectly pinterest decorated home, with their children who are so clean and have amazing outfits, they go on lavish vacations because they make all of this money from social media. You are such a rockstar but your motivation and self-worth is so low because you cannot picture yourself ever being like those influencers you follow. Honey, you need to find new people to inspire you. There’s other influencers in the world who don’t have crazy lavish lifestyles that you can relate to and also find motivation from.

Being authentically you + knowing your self-worth = amazing and successful creative motivation!

I promise you I’ll be more authentically me if you promise me you’ll be more authentically you.

XOXO // Mariah Cassandra

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