To the top of Targhee


There’s me, happy and alive at about 7,000 ft. elevation and almost but not quite at the top of our destination. Happy to sit down and let my lungs take in some air.

Grand Targhee Resort is located in Alta, Wyoming. A hop, skip and a jump from Eastern Idaho. My friends asked if I wanted to take a hike up Targhee Ski Resort where you can see a great view of the Tetons from the top. The hike was 3.5 miles which seemed easy enough to me since I’ve been on many hikes before, hikes much longer than this. However, I did not put into consideration that it was up hill and the elevation level was 5,000 more feet than my lungs are normally used to.

Every mile I thought “Almost there!” NOPE.

“Almost there!” KEEP DREAMING

“Almost there!” PASSING OUT YET?

We finally reached the top of the mountain and it was definitely rewarding. The type of rewarding when you accomplish difficult things. The type of rewarding that makes you shout “F*CK YEAH!” & then there was a beautiful view at the top of the Tetons. It was fabulous.

Once you reach the top of the mountain you can get a free lift down. Well, once we got to the top of our destination a storm was coming! They said they wouldn’t move the ski lift until the thunder had stopped and once they heard it rumble again the timing starts over at another 30 minutes.

Imagine, on top of this mountain surrounded by trees wondering if your death was a approaching due to a lightening strike. Dramatic Mariah being extra dramatic. This is when you decide “Screw it. We gotta get off this mountain!” So we booked it down the mountain. Once we got down it started pouring and hailing. Perfect time to sit and edit photos with some hot apple cider as you watch the sky falling outside the window.

Aside from my near death experience the hike was seriously so gorgeous! I loved that one side of the mountain looked like summer with wild flowers and the other side looked  like winter with snow. So many textures, colors and variety of scenery!




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