Adventures with Girlfriends

What’s better then adventures? Adventures with girlfriends. Every girl needs a few good girlfriends in their life! Not only was a blessed with good company but also with some beautiful weather!

My goal has been to purchase a National Parks Pass so Indigo and I made our way out to Zion so we could explore. Obviously on your way to Zion you have to stop at all of the great rock shops in Springdale and also have breakfast or lunch at Oscars Café!

Our trip through Zion was quick because I honestly didn’t know where I was going or what I was looking for. We ended up just driving from the beginning to the far end of Zion and stopping along the way to take photos.  On our way out I got a bumbleberry pie shake (their bumbleberry pie is “world famous”) When they say  a “pie shake” they literally mean and entire slice of pie in the milkshake. It was glorious and my body needed the gym the next day.

Zion_1_March 20, 2017

Zion_1_March 20, 2017-2


Sunday Brea and I went out to Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site. I’ve lived in Southern Utah almost my entire life and I have never seen petroglyphs! We had a good laugh during the drive because I wasn’t sure if my little car would make it up and down the rocky hills. Luckily, Moe Moe (my car) didn’t die and he’s doing just fine. (Yes, my car is also a boy.)

The park is small but a great place to walk around on a nice day and a place I would highly suggest for anyone with a family. Also, if you are a fan of lizards, we saw some great lizards running around! Brea was trying desperately to catch a horny toad as I was squealing “No! It’s going to shoot blood at you from its eyeball!” She say it’s a myth, I say it’s real. Thoughts? Comments? I need answers.

Where is Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site? This gave us easy directions!



Stay Sunny!


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