The Parade of Homes | Part Two | Color, Detail, and Minimalism.

I love color in home decor and think this year I saw the best color schemes throughout the homes. A popular color throughout the homes were GOLD. If you know me you know I love bright colors paired up with gold so I was nearly drooling throughout most of these homes. Even if it wasn’t paired with bright colors it was usually paired with a neutral colors which is always gorgeous. Can we please admire this gold, gray, and pink office space? Yummy!


The decor style of the homes this year at The Parade of Homes was fairly consistent with the sleek, modern, and simplistic style. Many of the homes were borderline minimalist but also had a fair share of knickknacks. I love the minimalist look for one main reason, it helps clear your mind! This might be the Virgo in me speaking but I love open, organized, and clean spaces. However, if you’re like me while browsing around your favorite home store, you probably find that one knickknack item that you somehow cannot live without. The Parade of Homes inspired me of ways to enjoy a minimalist style but also have the ability to display knickknacks without the clutter. This could simply be shelves dedicated to knickknacks or organizing them on your coffee or end tables, layering them onto books. Bookshelves are always a great way to display your items without the extra clutter, adds a little design to your book collection! This is very helpful for me because I have an obsession with my art and photography books!






Stay Sunny!




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