Fisheye fun

Happy Thursday, Wonder Seekers!

I’m officially back in sunny Southern Utah! It’s always different living back in my hometown but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts! Today I started my old job again at The Art Museum which I’m totally in love with and very passionate about! Between school, a great job, and new traveling opportunities I am feeling so excited and blessed! It was gloomy the first few days I arrived but we finally got out sunny days with perfect 70 degree temperatures. “Winter” in Southern Utah is something I do not complain about especially after seeing the blizzards in the eastern states lately…I am happy to not be in the New England area right now!

I ordered a new toy and was happy to see it when I got home…a fisheye lens for my iPhone! I’ve been dying to test it out and yesterday was the perfect day! I love Pioneer Park and wandering around the red rocks that remind me of Mars, it’s a place that really reminds me that I’m home. All photos were taken with my iPhone and edited with the 1967 app using the LA Groove filter.



Stay Sunny!



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