Holiday memories and recovery

This year Christmas was a little different for me in Mexico…I am so used to a very relaxed holiday season at home with just the family. Here in Mexico it was all about the gatherings and fiestas with friends. It’s so amazing though to have good friends that become your family!

Here’s a little wrap up of some holiday memories that I didn’t share on my blog. We had crafts and cocktails, I made a cute little wood sign. There was an ugly sweater party and I made an Elf sweater. There was an abandoned kitty that I fell in love with, although we couldn’t keep him, she went to a good home where I can go visit her! There was an employee party for Parrots Cracker and Sunny Beaches which I think was the highlight for me, I was around some of the greatest people I know and love, there was amazing food,  we had an incredible Mexican band, and there was so much love in the room! I wish I would have taken more pictures but I was enjoying the moments too much!

Christmas Eve we had some friends over and we made tamales, a Mexican tradition! They are so much fun to make and of course so delicious…I am still munching on them throughout our day. That evening my parents and I lounged around with The Christmas Story on television and played some really fun games together! Christmas day we woke up to open some gifts. I received some very lovely gifts this year and adore them all!  We then headed over to a Christmas brunch with some more friends and loved ones. So many carbs, too much eggnog…but it was all totally worth it.

I decided to give myself a recovery day yesterday from all of the hustle and bustle. Some siestas after all the fiestas. In the morning we had some recovery facials with a few ladies that my Mom put together with some Mary Kay facial goods. The rest of the day I just relaxed on my bed with some hot chocolate and a good book (yes, I am still working on the same book.) I also decided to keep my makeup off all day and give my skin a rest since I tend to wear a lot more makeup during the holidays.

I finally got to use a Lush Cosmetics product that I picked up while I was in California. I was so excited for the holiday collection and it was difficult to not spend my money on all of it! I decided to try The Magic of Christmas bubble bar. It was just so beautiful… The glitter, the cinnamon stick, the jingle bell… just so lovely. It is a very warming and fresh scent of cinnamon, cloves, and oranges which I’m all about this holiday season.

I ended the evening with a nice facemask, a little pedicure, and Happy New Year Charlie Brown. Now it’s time to get ready for The New Year! What was the highlight of your holidays?



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