Just dropping a note.

I wish I didn’t have to say I forgot. However…I forgot day 22. Knowing me though I have done very well with Blogmas and this has trained me into coming up with blogging ideas a lot easier now. I think that three blogs a week will be really easy now compared to one everyday. I can do it!

Last night I did some last minute Christmas shopping down by the Malecon. There’s something I really love about shopping by myself for Christmas. I really love looking at every single thing I can, taking my time, and not feeling rushed. This was my first time shopping in Mexico alone though and I really enjoyed it, plus I got some great things for my loved ones! I came home to finish up some last minute ornament gifts and finished off the evening with Mexican hot chocolate and Merry Christmas Charlie Brown. We also ended up watching The Great American Baking Competition. Just a quite and lovely evening with my parents.

Today I ask you to take time to set some busy things aside to enjoy that hot chocolate with your family, open a good book, watch a Christmas film, and snuggle up with a blanket. Enjoy the smaller holiday goodness that we all love so much!

I am off now to enjoy some coffee, The Today Show, and read my book I’m into so much for the holidays (It’s getting really good, guys!)




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