DIY Santa Hat

Yesterday I decided to decorate a plain santa hat and since I can’t sew I thought this was a fun and easy way to work with fabric, for the cheaters like us. A nice little accessory to your next Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. I’ve been wanting to make something cute and festive from the super cute Mexican fabric here and thought this red would be perfect.

You will need

  • A cheap felt santa hat. They have a lot at the dollar store.
  • 2 pieces of 16×20″ fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Glue…I used hot glue but you might want to use fabric glue
  • Fabric Scissors


First you will want to unfold the bottom part of the hat, you will be gluing your fabric down there. My hat was about 14 inches high so I kept my fabric at 16″ high, you will want that fabric glued to the inside of your hat. Cut your first piece of fabric down the angle of your hat, leave maybeย 1/2″ ย to 1″ edge. Once you have cut our your pieces you will want to take your glue and apply it to the sides of the hat, a little bit at a time so you can fold over the edges.

Repeat on the second side. This doesn’t have to be perfect because you are gluing your ribbon to the side seam edges.

Once you have glued your fabric of choice on your hat you can move onto the ribbon. I used that really festive sparkly ribbon. You will glue this over the side seams.


Last but not least fold back over the bottom and wear your cute new hat!





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