Brea’s Birthday Wish

Tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday and she’s going to be the big 25! I met Brea when I was in 7th grade and we started to become good friends in middle school which grew into becoming best friends. She’s always been so sweet and caring of others, their feelings, and needs. A few months ago we were at Walmart to gather goodies and snacks for an evening in and there was a homeless lady outside at the parking lot entrance asking for help.  On our way out she said to me “Wait, pull over!” and she ran over to give her a bag of Doritos. It was so sweet and made my heart warm.

My sweet Brea decided that for her 25th birthday she wanted 25 random acts of kindness to be completed by her loved ones and good friends. I think it’s such a wonderful idea to spread good spirits to others! There’s no better feeling than to make someone smile and feel good during their day.

Just a couple acts of kindness that have happened so far from the project is our best friend in Ohio, Candice, scrapped ice off of someone’s window so they wouldn’t have to. That would make me so happy and blessed about this because I dread everything about cars in winter weather and dealing with that mess! Also our long time friend’s little boy,  Ryker, donated his own money to help others in need have Christmas. It’s so sweet when children understand random acts of kindness as well!

I decided to make a batch of goodies for our very hard working security guards in our community! I made Oreo and marshmallow bars which would be a different and new treat for them in Mexico. They are so yummy…you can find the recipe here by Picky Palate! They were so excited to get a batch of goodies…it made me so happy to see a smile on their face and how grateful they were for them. I’ll be sharing my treats a lot more now!


Please participate and use the hashtag #breasbithdaywish in your social media posts about your random act of kindness! Let’s go above and beyond 25!

Always spread kindness and love.




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