DIY Christmas Cards

I’ve always been a huge fan of making cards especially Christmas cards! I know how exciting it is to get cards in the mail so I like to share that joy with my loved ones! This is one of the main reasons why I’m obsessed with scrapbook paper. It takes me a lot to drag me out of the scrapbook paper section at the craft store, I’m so addicted to all of the amazing patterns! I wanted to share with you a few DIY Christmas cards that are super easy to make!


You will need

  • Blank card paper. I use brown craft paper because I love the rustic look to all of my cards. You could always just use heavier paper and fold it but premade blank card paper is so convenient if you’re an avid card maker.
  • Scrapbook paper. There’s a lot of really great small packs of holiday paper. You will want duel sided for one of the projects.
  • Large hole punch. Mine is a 1″ and I think it works really well for most projects.
  • 3D stickers
  • Glue
  • Scissors or a paper cutter
  • Ribbon
  • Thin black marker
  • Letter stamps


Hanging Ornaments Card || This first card you will need to punch out different patterned circles and apply them on your card surface with 3D stickers. Scatter them around because they will look like hanging ornaments. Once they are applied you will draw a line going from the top of the card to each ornament and then add little loops to look like tiny bows!


Christmas Tree Card || This tree card is where having duel sided paper will come in handy. Draw and cut out two larger sized triangles, these need to be the same size. Figure out which one you would like as the base and apply it to the card base with 3D stickers. Take your second triangle, fold it in half and apply the fold down the middle of your first triangle with glue. This will create a fun and easy three dimensional card! I had a gold glitter star in my Christmas crafts and applied that on top with 3D stickers


Christmas Wreath Card ||  Last but not least we have a cute and girly Christmas wreath…it of course doesn’t have to be girly though depending on the scrapbook paper patterns you use! You will want to choose three or more patterns to punch out. Once you have punched your patterns draw a circle on your card base as a guideline. Glue on some circles around the circle you drew, slightly overlap them for more dimension. Take your remaining circles and apply them on top with 3D stickers, this will add great dimension to your wreath! When you are finished glue a little bow on top.


After all of my cards were finished I stamped “Warm Wishes” at the bottom. Since I’m in Mexico I thought that would be a proper message for my cards. I actually use paint instead of ink which is a little more difficult to work with at first but I enjoy the look of it much better…and you can use any color! I went with a red paint to match all three cards.


What Christmas cards have you made this year? I’m also thinking about New Years cards to send out to family!



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