Easy Peppermint Chocolates

I love peppermint everything and what’s even better is peppermint with chocolates. I wanted to create a really easy and quick treat. These bad boys are so easy that you can make them in about 30 minutes! Perfect for a very last minute treat for your holiday events.

You will need

  • A silicone mold. There are so many adorable silicon molds anymore and you can really be creative with this. Mine are flowers which remind me of poinsettias! I’m sure there’s a wide selection of Christmas themed molds now though.
  • 1 or 2 cups chocolate. This depends on how deep or big your trays are. If you fancy white chocolate that would work very well with this too!
  • A handful of peppermints

How to

  1. Melt your chocolate. After it was melted I put mine on a ziplock bag and cut off the very corner, this helped me get into the small corners of my flower petals. You only need to fill your tray half way right now.  It actually helped to dollop some chocolate in the middle and spread it around with a toothpick. After you have covered the bottom part of your tray place it in the freezer for about 10 minutes or until solid.
  2. While your chocolate is in the freezer you will need to crush your peppermints. You can do this by hand or with a food processor. If you use a food processor be prepared for the amazing scent of peppermint to hit your face when you open the lid! I crushed mine just enough so there were a little bit of chunks.
  3. Remove your tray from the freezer and sprinkle a thin layer of your peppermints on top of the frozen chocolate. Afterward fill another layer of melted chocolate so your peppermints are placed between two layers of chocolate. You can either stop there or add another layer of peppermints as I did for extra peppermint goodness!
  4. Freeze until chocolate is solid and pop them out of the tray! That’s the awesome thing about silicone trays is they will just pop out!


You can either eat these on their own or toss them into some hot chocolate! If your trays are like mine and kind of deep these will be very rich! There’s other fillings you can do as well such as caramel, marshmallows, sprinkles…you can get very creative! Enjoy!




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