Festive Fashion

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There’ll be parties for hosting, marshmallows for roasting, and caroling out in the snow!” Well, in Mexico there will be no caroling out in the snow but we know how to fiesta! Last night was the annual Christmas party of some of our dear friends so obviously I had to dress up for this Navidad Fiesta. It was so fun to be around my San Felipe family with great food, bocce ball, and the greatest gift exchange game I’ve ever experienced…I walked away with Bath and Body Work’s goods in the scent Be Joyful!


If you’re like me you probably enjoy getting all dressed up for holiday events! The glitter, the ugly sweaters, and all things wonderful to wear during the holidays. Sometimes you don’t want to go out and buy an expensive outfit though so that’s why I stick to something cute and creative to make myself! I want to share with you my festive outfit on a budget that you can do for your upcoming holiday parties too! Get creative with a few pesos in your pocket.

I made my tutu! If you don’t know how to make tutus you would be amazing to learn how easy it is to do and it’s perfect for fun festivities such as this! All you have to do is take strips of tulle and slip knot them onto thick ribbon to tie around your waist! Easy as uno, duos, tres! Tulle can be very inexpensive depending on where you go…in Mexico our fabric stores are incredibly cheap! This tutu probably took one yard of white, half a yard of green, and just a few stripes of the red and silver glitter.

There’s actually a funny story to the giant bow around my neck. I found it on the side of the road! We were driving and I yelled “Pull over! I need that!” I think it’s a giant bow that was on someone’s car that fell off. You can purchase something like this at the dollar store. Throw some ribbon into it and pair it with a simple shirt for a cute festive pop!

My hat is also a snapback…and since I’m embarrassing to be around I of course have to wear it backwards to look supa’ fly.



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