Disneyland Day in December

I still can’t believe that my family surprised me with a trip to Disneyland! Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a huge Disney fan and I’ve been talking about going back forever now. I dream about Disneyland often so as you can imagine I was totally thrilled. I have also never been there during the holidays so it was a new experience for me! Christmas AND Disneyland…did I really step into a dream? I loved the lights and decorations. Even Mickey was in a Christmas sweater and it was just way too adorable. My favorite part was that Jungle Cruise was turned into “Jingle Cruise” and all of the wild animals were causing mischief by getting into fruit cakes, tinsel, and other Christmas goods. The Haunted Mansion was also SO fantastic, especially if you are a Nightmare Before Christmas fan because they transformed the entire ride to Nightmare Before Christmas themed and it was a job well done. I also got to experience riding the Alice and Wonderland storybook ride which surprisingly enough I have never done before. Also, riding the teacups at night! My cousin said it was fun at night because of all of the lights. She was right! I almost forgot how incredibly fantastic Indiana Jones was too! I can’t help but always squeal with laughter.

Also, is it just me or does Pirates of the Caribbean have a certain smell to it? It’s almost like chlorine water but with a special touch?

I’m also a sucker for the cute shops down Main Street and of course Disney goodies! We ended up getting out sweet treats from Pooh’s Corner. I had the marshmallow stick covered with caramel and chocolate, what a dream. Val had a Christmas themed mickey mouse cupcake, so cute! It was so difficult not to purchase all of the Disney merchandise. My list was a hat and a coffee mug. Although I was in search of a unique Disneyland mug that was dated I’m such a sucker for Stitch that when my cousin pointed out a stitch head mug I was sold…it even has an adorable Scrump spoon! It was also very fitting to get a Monster’s University hat too since I found out I’m going back to school the day I went to Disney.

We unfortunately could not see the fireworks because they were canceled due to winds! Luckily we caught a little bit of the Christmas parade as we were in line for Alice and Wonderland. We even had a little fat snowman chase us, it was adorable!

Dreaming of going back to Disney already! What’s your favorite thing to do at Disneyland?!





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