Art in Palm Springs, California

Thursday evening The Palm Springs Art Museum is open to the public for free, can you get any better then that? I was very impressed with the museum and thought their contemporary work was very interesting, unique, and fun! I was completely in love with their photo exhibits and of course the massive Chihuly piece. It was the perfect evening to go as well because on Thursdays they have Villagefest downtown which is full of vendors, art, and good food!


The Palm Springs Art Museum has a smaller museum located in Palm Desert and it’s free everyday! Right now they have an exhibit of glass which is a private collection of a couple of gentleman who live between Australia and Palm Springs…and all of these pieces are kept in their home when not being displayed…that’s a lot of glass in one home! There’s also a little sculpture garden outside to enjoy as well.


The security guard was very friendly and showed me a few gems in some of the pieces that I would have never noticed before. This glass statue by Oben Abright has a fun gem. The back of his head you can find a face etched in peeking through the hood of his jacket.

Also, this gorgeous vase by Toots Zynsky is made of very small strains of glass, yikes! The incredible patience this artist must have. We also looked up the name of the piece which is Giubilante and it means Joyful or Jubilant!




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