Hollywood images.

Since I have dedicated myself to Blogmas that means I am blogging everyday in December…I’m not going to lie, it’s only been 5 days and I’m already feeling a little defeated by it because I want to give you all wonderful content to enjoy. However, today I have been traveling back to Mexico from my California adventures and a bit exhausted so I thought I would just share some photos from last night’s little adventure down Hollywood Blvd where we shopped for souvenirs, found our favorite stars, and I even held a giant snake for what reason I’m still not quite sure yet.

PalmSprings_December 03, 2016_hollywood-9.JPGpalmsprings_december-03-2016_hollywood-3palmsprings_december-03-2016_hollywood-2PalmSprings_December 03, 2016_hollywood-6.JPGPalmSprings_December 03, 2016_hollywood-8.JPGPalmSprings_December 03, 2016_hollywood-5.JPGPalmSprings_December 03, 2016_hollywood-7.JPGPalmSprings_December 03, 2016_hollywood-10.JPGpalmsprings_december-03-2016_hollywood-4





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