She believed she could so she did. 

I first want to tell you all that you CAN do things you never thought possible for yourself. Learn what you really want in life by exploring who you really are. 

When I was in third grade my teacher asked for me to be tested into special education. When I was a sophomore my school said I probably wouldn’t graduate in time due to too many failed classes.

Yesterday, I got notice that I have been accepted into a Master’s program for Creativity Studies. 

I am very blessed for this opportunity.  My goal was to have my masters when I was 30 but I’m on track to have it by the time I’m 25 now. I decided to shoot for an online program since I’ve acquired a traveling lifestyle.  

Although photography is my first love I’ve always felt something more within myself that I wanted more with photography then just being a photographer myself. I love teaching art just as much as I love photography and this opened my eyes into going into teaching and therapy. My biggest goal is to go into art therapy that’s photography based and take my knowledge of therapy through creativity into museums and galleries. A career to use creativity and art in a way to help other’s minds and self confidence would be a dream. 

Yesterday my family surprised me with a fun trip to Disneyland too! Instead of ears I purchased a Monster’s University hat in celebration for going back to school. 

I have the greatest support system and motivators! I’m so blessed for this opportunity!


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