Palm Springs, California || Camera happy at hotels.

It’s December! I’m happy to announce that that I will introducing blogmas on The Seeking Wondrous blog. This means a blog everyday this month full of adventure and holiday cheer! Oh my how exciting the holiday season is. To begin blogmas I am in Palm Springs, California visiting Dustin! Since he has to work during the day I have been exploring Palm Springs during the day. Yesterday I grabbed a coffee treat from Koffi and headed out to get lost on a photo adventure.


When I was looking around online for places to see and do in Palm Springs I kept seeing images of this beautiful and retro hotel that is filled with color! I didn’t know the name of it or where to find it. I was just driving down the street and I saw it! I literally squealed “oh my god the rainbow hotel!” I flew in there and asked them if I could be a silly tourist and go around to take photos. Luckily, they were super cool with it. What a DREAM of a place! Can you get over the colors, the adorable flower hot tub, the hammocks, and those neon lights?! If there was a time I would say “I can’t even” it would be that time.


Another hotel I knew I wanted to check out was ACE Hotel. It’s very rustic with a little bit of retro. It is gorgeous! I loved the wood doors and cute cactus everywhere. My favorite part of course was the famous ACE sign. Also, there’s a little guy hiding out in the ACE sign, can you find him?


That evening when Dustin got home we went out for some Thai food. I was in need of some pad thai. Yum! More Palm Springs adventures are headed your way!








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