Is this water sanitary?

Yesterday about 15 minutes before leaving on a desert adventure and trip to the waterfalls here in Mexico I got sick. When I say I got sick I mean sitting in the bathroom puking my guts out until I was in tears. THE WORST. So, this canceled my trip for an adventure that day. The greatest adventure I had was laying like a slug in bed all day with ginger ale, munching on crackers, and Netflix. Which, I hope you are all happy to know that Catfish is on Netflix, my personal guilty pleasure.

Come to find out I got sick from the water. We went out to dinner a couple of days before and a few of us had iced tea, those of us who did are all ill, and assuming that the water the iced tea was made from was not clean and purified. How do we know it was from the water and not the food? Food poisoning kicks in right away most of the time…when it’s water it takes a little longer. For us it was between 36-48 hours to kick in.

When others joke to me saying “Don’t drink the water in Mexico” It’s a serious thing, I cannot drink the water unless it has been purified and/or boiled. The reason for bad water in Mexico has a lot to do with the pipes. The water pipes are old and rusted which causes impurities in the water.

Today, I woke up feeling brand new! Although I won’t be running a half marathon today, I can at least get a few things accomplished. You don’t realize how good it feels to be healthy after you’ve had a day from hell.

This actually reminds me of my favorite scene from Disney’s Tarzan. Little Tantor is seriously adorable.


On a very serious note, today I am feeling blessed for clean water! I live in a place where we have many outlets and access to clean water but unfortunately, there are many areas in our world that do not come close to having access to clean water. Bad water is very critical to your health and can cause many waterborne illnesses and diseases much worse then what happened to me, even death. Not only is clean water critical to your health but also increases access to food and also education!  A charity group that I found myself looking and researching a lot about has been Charity Water. Please take a look at this video! It’s a really great video that gives you a better understand of how clean water can change everything.


Count your blessings and stay sunny!

The Wonder Seeker







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