DIY || Mexican Style Cactus Planter

A couple of weeks ago I bought an adorable succulent that was planted in a can for only 20 pesos, that’s only about $1 in US money. Although I loved the can it was in I decided it need a new little home. My Mom bought a drink that this mug came in at the Shrimp Fest and I thought it was so adorable, so obviously… I stole it.

I needed to get away from the negativity of the election so I figured it was the perfect day to stay in my room, blast music, and paint my way through it all.


My favorite style of Mexican planters have been the Terracotta clay pots with some design and color to them but not totally covering the gorgeous red and brown natural color of the pot either. Terracotta in Italian also means “baked earth” which makes me like it being simplest even more.

Materials you will need are a little planter pot…I suggest upcycling something like I did! A notepad and pencil to sketch out your design, acrylic paints, clear spray paint, and of course your little cactus plant.

I found a design that tickled my fancy and I went from there. This is the actual photo that I based my design off of.  I added a few different colors and a lot of dots and circles. Also, a few other things due to mess ups. I do not paint as much as I wish I did because to be quite honest painting is not my forte.



After I was finally happy with my painting I went out to go spray it with some clear spray paint. This helped give it a little umph of shine and it brightens and darkens the color as well. It didn’t take long for me to be able to plant my little succulent. I am very happy with my little project! He looks adorable in my room and now I’m debating on a name.


Stay Sunny!

The Wonder Seeker


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