Festival del Camarón

I still feel like a shrimp after this past Saturday evening at the shrimp fest. The shrimp festival in San Felipe has booths of art, treats, and of course shrimp all the way down the Malecon. I told myself that I could eat whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted that day without feeling bad about myself in the end. My stomach was getting very full half way down the Malecon but I was staying strong for more.



This first stop had to have been my favorite. Combo plate of a coconut shrimp, mango and whiskey salsa, and cream of green pepper. The coconut shrimp from here was actually my favorite through the entire evening. I loved the cream sauce on top of it!


Right: Chocolate clams stuffed with the clam, shrimp, cheese, and other goods. You cannot forget the lime. Left: Shrimp and chips, battered and fried shrimp with some ranch as a dripping sauce.

Not only did I munch my way down the Malecon on shrimp but I also found someone who was selling horchata! I have been in search of horchata since I’ve been here but apparently it’s not as common as I thought it was or “out of season.” When I saw that he was selling it I literally squealed “Horchata!”  My heart was very happy.



Also…drumroll please….I ate a cricket! It was a little spontaneous. There was a lady selling small bags of them and I asked if she had a sample. It took me a little bit to get the courage to pop that sucker in my mouth. It was really humorous to see everyone watching me try to eat it, because they knew it was something very different for an American girl to do. It was extremely salty and the texture was a little grainy. It wasn’t terrible but I don’t think it will be my choice of snack.

Did I mention the candy carts and candy stand? I left with a bag full of goodies! A coconut macaroon, fudge, watermelon gummies covered with chili sauce, and cotton candy!


Time to go on a diet now!

The Wonder Seeker



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