Hola, Noviembre

I have officially been in Mexico for a month…How did that happen? Time has gone by so quickly already and I have been so incredibly busy! When I mean busy I mean traveling and enjoying! That’s what the month of October was about for me in Mexico, get settled in, exploring, and socializing as much as possible. Socializing is actually quite exhausting, all of the fiestas make me need to siesta.  I went on so many adventures this past month that it’s almost difficult to keep up with all of them on my blog and social media, how exciting is that though?

I love a new month and making new goals for myself. I’m very passionate about personal progression and I think November will be a great time for that.

  • Get everything together for my Masters program…this is number one! If everything goes well and I get accepted into the program I can start classes by January!
  • Start the many photo and art projects that have been on my mind, especially because the holidays are here. NAVIDAD ES AQUI! My Etsy has been on vacation and neglected the past month but I believe this will be a good month for me to start working hard on it again and get some sales going!
  • Start volunteering more. I have started to volunteer at our local dog shelter! Yes, I want to take all of the dogs home with me, especially the adorable puppies. Being around all of the dogs for awhile is great therapy for me actually. Pet and animal therapy is a real thing.

I love November and welcoming it with open arms!

What are your goals this November?


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