My relationship with God.

I couldn’t tell you my favorite bible verse or my favorite hymn. I can however share with you my path and personal relationship with God. Religion can be a sensitive subject at times but I’m ready to speak my mind about my beliefs.

Growing up in Utah I get a lot of questions and comments about Mormonism during my travels. Especially because I don’t drink or smoke. The answer is yes, I was actually baptized Mormon when I was 10 years old. I didn’t grow up in a Mormon household and it was never expected of me to go, I did however have friends in the church and decided I wanted to go and be baptized too. I was young and honestly didn’t have my own relationship with God yet.

Today, I am not Mormon. I left the church 9 years ago when I was 15 and started to learn more about myself and my true personal beliefs. I was also called as the Mia Maid’s president at this point (The group of young women who were 14 and 15).  At the age where I knew more about myself and my beliefs. The first time I realized that maybe Mormonism wasn’t right for me was when we had an assignment of what Temple we would want to be married in. I didn’t choose a Temple because I did not want to be married in a Temple, I already knew that I wanted my family there next to me as I got married next to a waterfall on the side of mountain or next to the ocean.

My last day in the Mormon church when I was 15…I was sitting in our third hour of church in Young Women’s and we were talking about all the things you shouldn’t be doing such as drinking coffee, tea, alcohol and of course smoking and drugs. Remaining pure and abstinence and that same sex marriage was a sin. Your body is a temple and keep tattoos away. I felt as though I had already sinned and I was not worthy of where I was. I loved coffee and tea, I knew and loved friends who were gay and wanted them happy, and I had already sinned. I felt my stomach drop at that moment and knew I was not worthy.

I left the room, walked home, and cried. My Aunt Deanna asked me why I was crying once I got home and I told her. She said “You cannot leave church upset. You should leave church feeling good and uplifted.” After that conversation I had with my dear Aunt Deanna I never went back.

I do want everybody to know that I do NOT regret my time in the Mormon church. I really did meet beautiful people who are still so dear to my heart today and even though I didn’t fit in I found a huge part of myself and am happy I pulled myself to who I really was and my true spiritual beliefs.

If anything I suppose I’m Christian. I have a relationship with God and am a believer in Jesus Christ. A church that is close to my heart is The First Christian Church. I was blessed in the Grand Junction, Colorado First Christian Church as a baby and will still go to church with my Grandparents whenever I visit them. It’s a place that makes my heart happy and warm, which is a place that everybody deserves in their lives.

I believe in the strength of prayer. Praying is my comfort and meditation. I pray every evening before I sleep and when I’m stressed and scared. I believe in my conscience and what I grew up to know as “The little bird on your shoulder”…hence, my bird tattoos under my collarbone. I believe in being a good person and always growing yourself as a better person. I believe that we rise by lifting others. I believe there is one thing we can all agree with on a spiritual level and that’s becoming the best person you can be.

I believe that we rise by lifting others and truly what God wants us to do as well in life.

Count your blessings and live life with passion and love.

I also wanted to share photos of this adorable Church that we found down by the beach. Does anyone else have a love for small and cute churches?


The Wonder Seeker



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