Shopping in Mexico


“Good deal for you today only!” is a common phrase you will hear while shopping in Mexico. I think shopping in Mexico is so much fun, and I’m also getting a lot better at bartering to get a better deal too. Shopping is actually really good right now too because the peso is so low at the moment which is bad for the Mexicans but good for the Americans.

I have a great love for the colorful Mexican patterns, it’s become my favorite decorating style actually. There are a few things that have been on my list to get while I was in Mexico which included a nice ring, a blanket, and a little bowl to hold my bracelets and of course a coffee mug. It’s really difficult to not want more though! I think my next shopping list is a vase and a dress.

The place we shop at is called The Malecon. The Malecon is by the sea with lots of little shops and restaurants, can you get better then that?

Since they all sell the same type of merchandise and products it’s always a scavenger hunt to find that really unique one. I like to look at all of the shops first, get prices, and then go back to the best one. Although sometimes you will get a killer price that you just can’t pass up at that moment….but you could also see one you like much better at the next place…the struggle!

Making relationships with vendors is also a very good idea when out shopping. You become a loyal customer to them and they will give you the best deals. I got my ring from someone my parent’s always go to, he’s usually down on the Malecon or at our Saturday swap meets. I love this ring so much, I’m in love with circle shaped rings and the orange gemstone really goes with my style and love of wearing warm colors.


I loved this bowl and coffee mug, my favorite part about these that I haven’t seen before is they have some pink in them! You all know me, even a little touch of pink will make my heart sing.

I was on a hunt for a blanket to hang on my wall behind my bed as some décor, these normally run about 35-50 dollars but I got mine for about $25. There was a blanket that was all pink and I was SO tempted to get that but I knew I should have something with some more color other then all pink. (Okay, you get it, I love pink) I haven’t hung this above my bed yet because I kind of like it laying on my bed better, it’s also quite cozy! I guess this means I need to go shopping for more ideas of what to put on my wall…darn 🙂


What cool things have you scored in Mexico or any other foreign country?!


The Wonder Seeker


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