How to create a more cozy autumn in warmer climates.

Oh autumn, the basic white girl in me is screaming. You might as well just inject pumpkin spice into my veins. Since I was in Vermont last year and I was able to have greatest season of fall with crisp cool weather and amazing fall colors! This year I am in a drastically different climate in Mexico. Palm trees, beaches, and no pumpkin spice. There are some really great ways to keep that spirit of fall though, even in Mexico or other warmer climates!

Bake with cinnamon and vanilla.

I might actually enjoy cinnamon and vanilla much more then pumpkin spice. I am also in the land of the world’s greatest vanilla. Mexican vanilla is the bomb and there’s no other way to put it. I also really love Mexican hot chocolate. What’s Mexican hot chocolate and how is it different from original hot chocolate? Mexican hot chocolate has a little bit of spice and cinnamon! I recently found a recipe for the glorious drink as a COOKIE. They seriously warm my soul and are SO yummy! I don’t even like chocolate cookies that much but these are spot on. You can find the recipe here!


Love the crisp mornings and evenings.

Anytime I get to put on a light jacket or long sleeve shirt my heart is very happy. Since I’m totally a morning person I love waking up to a cool morning. There’s nothing greater then sitting outside with coffee, a light sweater, and watching the sunrise over the sea. You have to live those moments especially if your days are still in the 90s and 80s!

Autumn candles.

I talk about candles a lot because you can always use some candlelight in your life. Before I came to Mexico I purchased some fall scented candles from Bath and Body Works. Decisions Decisions….I wanted them all in my life! However, Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow is my favorite and I wish I would have purchased a large size! I always have this burning in my room and I will be terribly sad the day it is out.


Calming Music.

It’s that time of year where I become a little more obsessed with indie folk music. I could be laying on the beach with this playing in my ears and it would still feel like fall. This is my favorite music playlist right now on YouTube. alexrainbirdMusic has many great monthly and seasonal playlists. I’m looking forward to November’s playlist!


Stay Sunny!…. & cozy!

The Wonder Seeker


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