Full Moon Night Adventures



The other evening we went to The Full Moon Mixer. The full moon mixer includes hot dogs, yes hot dogs in Mexico. I am not fond of hotdogs though so I took a hard pass on that although I did hear they are quite good. However, there was bocce ball which I’m usually pretty okay at but did not do so well this time, you see….the ball cannot roll out of the court. Woops! The best part of all though? The moon rises over the sea! It was incredibly breath taking. I was not aware that it would rise over the sea so I only brought my smaller Canon G7X camera, which works great but I was wishing I had my DSLR and telephoto lens! My friend Dustin and I literally ran to my car to go back and grab my camera quickly. By the time we got back it was pretty dark. I did not get the moon images I was looking for but we started going around taking other night images like palm trees while he did some light painting. It even got to the point where I had to stand on top of his truck, that was fun.



After the mixer was over we decided our photo adventures were not over. I packed up my camera gear and we headed out to the Malecon. We knew our first spot would be the shipyard where there are a couple of abandoned ships. They are SO cool and especially at night. Except there are dead fish and bugs everywhere, but sometimes you have to get your big girl shoes on to get the images you want, even if you’re in flip flops. The smelly feet afterward were so very worth it.



After the shipyard we went and found a way to the top of the hill where the little yellow building was. We were not quite sure what it was exactly but it was a really cool surprise when we got to the top. It was a place where you could light candles and pray. You had a great view of the ocean, lighthouse, and the festivities going on downtown.



The evening photo adventures were a success and it inspired me to go out and do more images in the near future!


The Wonder Seeker






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