We need to stop explaining our lives to the world.

“So what are you doing in life?”

Is it just me or does this question make anyone else’s stomach sink?

I think the reason why I really dislike this question is because I don’t know exactly what I’m doing in life, I’m still exploring!  My life has become a real life game of “Where’s Waldo.” I’m always in a new place with a new job and life.

00206236e0c4c8b7d7e4f3901c3e839e(Source || http://thegoodvibe.com)

It’s almost as if I have go through a timeline of what I’ve been doing the past few years to get to where I am now and why. “Well I graduated from Denver in Photography, worked in Denver for while. Moved to Vermont for a year…” Then the question drops “Why Vermont?”…. “Oh my boyfriend lived there”…. SO THEN people assume that you rushed into something and you left because of your boyfriend, which was actually not the case at all.  I begin to ramble on about my story and why I’ve ended up in the life I’m living now instead of a simple “I just enjoy moving around a lot!”

Why do we have this need to explain our lives to others? Are we looking for acceptance? Answers? I love the life I live but do others love my life too? To me, my life is a little unstable and I feel as though this is looked down upon as unsuccessful in our society.

Just because your path is different doesn’t mean you are lost.

So here’s some words I would like to share even though I’m bad at following them myself. Stop explaining your life to others and why you are not doing what society may want you to do. Also, be more accepting of others and their lifestyle. Just remember, everyone has success AND struggles in their life. We are all fighting our own battle in life and creating our own story.

Do not expect and do not explain. Just live, love, and accept.

Stay Sunny!

The Wonder Seeker



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