Beach Please

What’s one of the greatest things about being in Mexico? I’m so close to the sea!  San Felipe is located northeast of  Baja California which means we are located on the Sea Of Cortez (The Pacific Ocean is on the other side of the Baja) Where we are the water is pretty shallow and feels like warm bath water for the most part. This makes it really great to wade or sit and just soak your feet in the water. I enjoy it because I’m honestly scared of deep waters where I can’t see under my feet.

This week we took a few trips down the to beach where I waded my feet in the warm water and found treasures. One afternoon we spent time clamming during low tide…clamming is so much fun and who doesn’t love fresh clams? mmm! I got a little distracted though and wandered off and found a few treasures that were left behind by the tide, including multiple sand dollars still in tact! If that’s not exciting I don’t know what is.


We also took a little trip to a beach that was completely deserted that day which I couldn’t understand why because it was beautiful! There were also many treasures to find there as well, it was very enjoyable. Since the water is so shallow here you won’t see huge waves of many surfers out in the water, I took my boogie board and that didn’t work so well either. I ending up just using it as a floating device.


Stay Sunny!


The Wonder Seeker




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