Today we say “See You Later” to the Red Rocks of my home in Southern Utah. I have had the greatest blessing to have some time to be home for a good few months to soak up some quality time with my grandparents, friends, new Utah adventures, and the great sunshine of our hot summers. I also had the greatest opportunity of working at The St. George Art Museum which has helped me bring a clearer understand of myself and my career path. I will of course will miss home but will always be back!


The Seeking Wondrous Life Blog will be following me to San Felipe, Baja California in Mexico!

I am so excited for you to join me on this new journey down where I will be seeking new adventures and working hard on my creative business! I am looking forward to growing my blog into something bigger and into a business of it’s own. I would love to tell you everything I have in mind and all I will be showing you but I’d hate to spoil some good surprises!

See you in Mexico!

The Wonder Seeker.



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