Just go.

It’s 5:30pm Friday September 23rd and I have a plate full of business that I need to get done before my big move to Mexico in a week. It’s so nice outside though, the temperature has dropped from our scorching 100 degrees to 75. My perfect temperature, just enough for a light long sleeve shirt. I decided last minute to grab my hiking shoes, camera, and just go. You can procrastinate if it frees your mind and opens your spirit.

My favorite thing to do is to JUST GO. Many times when I’m stressing out but thinking about how much I would love to go on a hike I will often times just tell myself to go anyway. Think of it as dieting (this very much applies to me anyway) you have been eating raw food for so long but you just have a great hankering for that donut from your local bakery. You’re just going to sit there and think about that donut. Free yourself and just have it. Think of the world as your donut. 🙂

Just go!


Hiking Chuckwalla Trail in St. George Utah || Photo lens: Lensbaby Spark.






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