Self Care || Evening Routine

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and rested your body and mind! I also hope that it helped you get ready for a new week! After a long week of work last week I decided that once I got off of work onSunday evening my body was in need of a little TLC.   I believe that taking care of yourself and pampering a little bit is so important. It’s underestimated really…especially in our American culture. We work so hard! You cannot keep going unless you rest your body, mind, and soul.

I thought that I would share with you my favorite self care evening routine.


Sign out of social media for the evening. Your face needs to be away from a screen every now and then, especially from all of the negativity floating around on Facebook.

Change into your comfiest night outfit.

I recently purchased this really nice and light sleep shirt from Areopostle. It says “Where to next?” which totally sounds like my life, am I right?


Skin care.

Skin care is always important, you should be washing your face during the evening and in the morning everyday. I use a mask at least twice a week and I really enjoy switching it up, you can do this by purchasing the little individuals packages at your local drugstore. I’m a fan of face masks! This time I decided to use my charcoal dead sea mask to hopefully help some blemishes that were on my face.

Aromatherapy and a bath.

I’m definitely one to enjoy some candle light every now and then. Plus I’ve been big on aromatherapy as of lately. I used to be terrified of burning candles but I’m obsessed now. This time I lit my mint candle, mint is so my go-to scent when I want to clear my mind and refresh.

I used to take a  bath almost everyday in Vermont after work because I was so cold and it seemed like the only thing that would warm me up. I don’t take baths as much here in the desert because my body already feels warm. However, sometimes my body just needs one working around so much to soothe my muscles. I stopped to grab a bath bomb on the way home at Harmons, yes Harmons the grocery store! They do have a great selection of bath goodies if you don’t have the luxury of having a Lush Cosmetics next to you. I purchased he rosemary and mint (you can see a theme with mint) bomb. It made my entire bathroom smell like mint! I also added some bubbles to my bath for some extra luxury.

Read and/or listen to an audiobook.

I like to do both! I am currently reading Plygs2 by Ed Kociela. It’s so good- SO GOOD. It’s a fact based fiction about polygamy. I’m totally into documentaries and this is almost like a documentary but written as a fiction story. Interesting right?  If you haven’t read the first one you should go check it out! You can order a print copy or the kindle ebook on Amazon. I will leave a link here.


I’ve also been into Audiobooks for the past few months and a member of Amazon Audible., such a great decision. I have These have been great while traveling a lot in my car and I have found that they are great to listen to while taking a bath as well! I’m very into comedy and keeping my spirits high and laughing. I am currently listening to Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson. It’s her humorous take on having anxiety so it speaks to me.

Netflix and Chill

When I say chill I really mean to chill out. I’m not really one that enjoys watching television because I can’t keep up with shows very well, I get distracted, and I feel like I should be doing something productive. Whenever I’m watching Netflix I’m always stitching, editing photos… something! I tried something new this week and decided to actually chill out. Just lay in bed in your comfies and enjoy! This week I have been watching Stranger Things. I tried to watch an episode each evening and I finished it. I normally don’t like science fiction but this was a really great show! I loved the style of it.

Here’s a little funny I found that I thought you all would enjoy too- especially us single ladies. It’s so cute.


Stay Sunny!

The Wonder Seeker.



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