Utah Adventures || Moab || Day One

After I finished teaching an art class last Saturday we starting trucking to Moab! We stayed there last Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we explored the little town of Moab and Sunday we went into Arches National Park and Hole N’ The Rock.

Once we got there it was 6pm but we were surprised to see that there was still plenty to do around town until late at night. We checked into our adorable motel at Big Horn Motel, it was very retro and rustic.

As we drove in we saw a really great looking rock shop that we knew we wanted to hit up first. It was called Lin Ottinger’s Moab Rock Shop and it was such a treat. Us three ladies were having a hay day.  Usually rocks you find at shops like this are $5-15 dollars. Here there were tables and tables of treasures outside that were so inexpensive such as $1 tables and even 3 for a $1!  I was also able to score a necklace I spotted at Bryce for $10 but glad I waited because it was only $5 here. Can we also admire all of the crazy little knickknacks in the shop?


Once we got hungry we went to eat at a place called The Spoke On Center. I loved the interior of the place, the lights are very interesting. They also had a great wall collage of bikes in different areas and places. They even had a little ice cream place outside where you can order at the window. As I said in my last post….you can’t go on a hiking trip or adventure without ice cream!


We finished the night off by shopping around the little shops! Lucky for us they were all open by 10pm. I found some really great goodies and souvenirs which included prickly pear fudge, artwork, and a new bumper sticker for my car. (Oh and the fudge? amazing!)


Stay tuned for Moab day two where we explored Arches National Park and Hole N’ The Rock!


Beautiful Days!

The Wonder Seeker











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