Utah Adventures || Bryce Canyon

Last weekend my little cousin and her friend from California came to Utah on a road trip and I was able to be their tour guide! I was luckily able to go places though that I have never been myself!
The firstย idea was to head to Zion and Springdale but unfortunately Zion was flooded and a boulder the size of a house fell onto the road block the passage way to get there. So I made a quick plan to head to Bryce Canyon and boy am I glad that I did, what a treat that was! I think I almost enjoy Bryce Canyon better then Zion.
When we went to Bryce we arrived at about 10am and were told that taking the bus into the park would be the best idea which is what I would suggest as well, you are able to look at all of the great scenery around you and not have to worry about parking.
Our first stop was inspiration point which is the famous view of Bryce Canyon. It was so much better then I had ever imagined it to be from what I have seen from postcards. The rock formations are so fascinating. The very top of the point took a little bit of work walking up the very steed slope. It works your legs and breath, that’s for sure, but it was worth it!


As we were walking back to the bus stop there were some very interesting little things to see, such as this tree. Doesn’t it look like a spider?! I love it. There was also a very friendly little chipmunk who enjoyed the spotlight of many cameras in his face. I of course had to test my limits to see how close I could get to get. The lens I had on doesn’t zoom soย I did indeed get extremely close until I scared him away, which the tourists didn’t like so much.


The hike that we decided to take was Navajo Trail which is about a 2 mile loop which begins at Sunset Point and you take a troll down Wall Street and you can send your way up to see Thor’s Hammer. This little hike was fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone of any level of hiking. Wall Street is a fun little path that you take down the canyon. You don’t realize how high those mountains are until you’re down there looking up. Plus the temperatures going down into the canyon are so nice, the perfect temperature.


As we walked on the flat land down the mountain we found the tallest tree that I ever did see and some pretty amazing rocks that had quartz in them! What a great surprise that was to see our in nature and not just in a rock shop. BryceCanyon_11BryceCanyon_12BryceCanyon_14BryceCanyon_16
When we hiked back up the canyon it was a hard work! We had to take a few stops to “admire the view” ๐Ÿ˜‰ but in all seriousness the views were incredible and we were able to see Thor’s Hammer! My cousin Val loves Thor so she was pretty pumped about this. Although the ranger didn’t know why it was called Thor’s Hammer, we’ll take it!


After hard work we headed out of the park to grab some lunch, luckily there was a buffet close by because my stomach needed it. The best part was the giant salad I got, anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with a salad buffet. After we filled our stomachs we took my car back into the park to see view points that the bus didn’t take you. My favorite was the little arch at the very end, how precious is that arch?

To top off our Bryce trip we went into their cute little town to get ice cream! Because what’s a hiking trip without ice cream? It’s not the best one, I promise. Get ice cream after your hikes! There was also a great little rock shop (which we love!) however I saved my pennies for an even greater rock shop in Moab….stay tuned for that greatness!

Stay tuned for my Utah Adventures to MOAB!
The Wonder Seeker.





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