A place called Kayenta, Utah

Oh Kayenta, I’ve always had a love for Kayenta. My mother used to take me quite a bit growing up, we always looked forward to the art festivals that would go on in the Coyote Gulch. Kayenta is located closet to Ivins which is home to many beautiful high end adobe style homes. Kayenta is also home to a great desert art scene which is called the art village. Here you will find bright and colorful artwork which is also desert related and just so happens to be something I’m really inspired by at the moment.
There’s also a great coffee shop/restaurant called Xetava in the art village which I always look forward to going to. The decor is amazing and I always order their Royden Lemonade Supreme which is blending with vanilla, coconut, and fresh lemonade. It’s a little spendy but definitely a refreshing treat.
The Desert Rose labyrinth and sculpture garden is something you don’t want to miss. The sculptures around the path are all very unique. The last time I was here there were many trinkets and gems that other people have left in the middle on the large rock. I wish I had something to leave to start the trend again, unfortunately I never thought about it.
If you are looking for the best time to go I would suggest early fall. That’s when all of the galleries are open and most of their festivals are held!
Happy adventures,
The Wonder Seeker



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