Oregon || Portland Rose Garden and The Zoo

Hello fellow wonder seekers!
I am back from Oregon and have been very busy with life. I wanted to do one last post about my Oregon trip about my last couple days in Oregon when I went to The Portland Rose Garden and The Oregon Zoo.
If you haven’t been to The Portland Rose Garden in the summer you are seriously missing out. This rose garden is the largest public garden in America. I couldn’t believe all of the amazing roses and variety of colors! I grew up with a rose garden so they always hold a special place in my heart. When you’re here you can also see a good view of the city and Mount Hood.


These were my favorite roses! They are called Whimsy Miniatures. They are small but so fun and surprising. The little pop of colors just bring me joy! But we all know how much I love pinks.


The day before I left my family was working and had school so I decided to go to the zoo. I’ve never been to a zoo alone but it was actually every enjoyable! I was able to go and see what I wanted and for as long as I wanted. For instance, I could have sat with my favorite otters for hours and nobody could tell me “no” Everyone should go to a zoo alone once in their life! I’ve never been to The Oregon Zoo but it was beautiful! It’s in a great forest area with green trees and plants everywhere. The animal exhibits were pretty great too. Naturally my favorite were the otters, I got lucky because they have both sea and river otters. Surprisingly the Vultures were great to see, they were some of the biggest vultures I ever did see.



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