Oregon || The Coast

This past weekend we took a trip to the coast and it was so lovely. We stayed in a little cabin located in Tillamook. Our place we just a hop, skip, and jump away from the beach. The first night we were there we took a little walk down to the beach to enjoy the waves and sunset. That evening we played games and ate cake.
img_1193img_1413img_1223 Those are my little brothers…aren’t they cute?^^
Saturday morning we woke up and drove to Garabaldi to go crabbing. The last time I was in Oregon and we went crabbing we were on a deck, this time we took a boat out. The weather could not have been more perfect for us! It was so nice to just sit out in the water and relax. We also saw a seal in the water, yes, a seal! He was a little far out but how exciting is that? Some of of you may wonder how you catch crabs. Well your bait are fish heads (Yes…a little gross but I would rather handle fish heads than worms) that you tie to the bottom of baskets and you throw them into the ocean! You wait a good ten minutes and yank that sucker back in. There are a few regulations as to which crabs you can keep though. You have to throw out any females and you have to measure the ones that are males before you keep them, if they are under by just a hair they are considered an illegal crab and you can be fined for it. The most difficult part was trying to pick up the crabs without getting pinched! We were able to catch two crabs…the third crab came from someone off the water who caught one and didn’t want it, it was very generous of them! So we were lucky enough to end up with three crabs. Once we got back they steamed the crabs for us and we went back to eat them, num num num!
img_1403img_1416img_1408Seal ^^img_1406img_1405
For dinner we drove an hour to have a nice dinner by the ocean at Kyllo’s. I have a great obsession of oyster anything when I can get my hands on it and lucky me they had a oyster Po’boy. mmm yes!
Sunday morning we saw the sky and thought it was going to storm. We walked down to see the ocean and there was thick and beautiful fog. There’s nothing better than a coffee in your hand and your eyes on the morning sea! Since the tide was so low we were able to walk out pretty far and gather treasures. I love treasure hunting, I was able to find some really great rocks for my collection.


That was our great coast weekend trip!
Happy days!
The Wonder Seeker
Photography || Camera: Canon G7X | Editing: 1967 app


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