Oregon || A day in Portland 

Hello fellow wondrous life seekers! I have made it to Oregon and I’m super excited for the week! Yesterday was my first day here and since my family was busy for the day I decided to take the bus into Portland and explore. I used to live in Portland so I somewhat know my way around.  I successfully got onto a bus and didn’t get lost. When I first got into the city I stumbled upon the festival of flowers at one of my favorite spots, pioneer square! I decided to run to a local coffee shop to grab a sweet chai latte and a strawberry sour cream muffin, oh they were delightful. I took it back to the square and people watched.  

After my goodies I tried to make my way to Powells bookstore. I got very lost along the way but that’s okay, getting lost in cities is my favorite thing. If you’ve never heard of powell’s bookstore and you’re a bookworm. Oh wow let me tell you it’s wonders. It’s a 4 story bookstore with everything….everything! I used to live in the Art section of the store. It look a lot of will power to not spend money.

There are so many adorable shops around downtown. The ultimate hipster happiness. 

For lunch I knew I needed something from the food trucks. Oh glorious food trucks. I decided to go for a whooping sized gyro. Oh my heavens, God has answered my prayers. 

After getting lunch I went somewhere new to me, the Art museum! There were some great contemporary art exhibits and also photography exhibits including William Eggleston who I had studied in school. 

After the museum I was pretty beat and decided to head back to Beaverton. I successful made my way back without getting lost too! Later that evening my dad and I went and got some sushi at Sushi Hana, sushi on a conveyer belt, my friends. 

Happy day, my friends! 

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