What I learned || Life after high school.

This is me at my high school graduation 6 years ago.  Little did I know that my life was about to get a little interesting to say the least. 
Congrats, Grads! You did it! Now you get to enter what we like to call “adulthood” These years of transition are really weird, just… freaking weird. I am here to share some things with you that I learned and can help you along the way.
One:Being cool in real life after high school is so much cooler then being cool in high school. Your popularity honestly means nothing at all in real life, it’s completely true
Two: Make sure you always have toilet paper. It’s important. Don’t learn the hard way please.
Three: This is the best time in your life to dye your hair bright pink
Four: Weed out your negative relationships in your life. Sounds harsh, I know. High school is over, which means pointless drama should also be over. Surround yourself with only positive vibes, encouragement, and inspiration.
Five: Learn to manage your money, you don’t want to be that kid always crying that they only have $2.45 in their bank account because they blow it all.
Six: Appreciate the professors or teachers that rip your projects apart and don’t baby you. I had an instructor just like that…he once threw my image across the room and has made many students cry. He’s still my hero to this day.
Seven: Break ups are NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. You will not end up forever lonely and you will move on with your awesome life. Being single is cool. I promise.
Eight: If you’re uncomfortable with a situation you’re in…make up any stupid excuse and please leave.
Nine: Leaving home and moving 5 times around the country (& out of the country) within 5 years was the greatest thing that happened to me. GO SEE EPIC SHIT.
Ten: Don’t feel bad if you don’t know exactly what you want to do or what you want to be yet in life.There are SO many things you can do in life. How do we ever decide?! I myself still have no idea what I’m doing 100%.
Eleven: People and strangers WILL offer you drugs. Say NO.
Twelve: Beware of college roommates. JUST BEWARE.
Thirteen: If you can be a resident assistant…apply! I had the best times and the greatest memories as an RA at my school.
Fourteen: Your appearance on social media is important. Companies DO look at that. Keep it clean, kids.
Fifteen:  Never stop learning. If you are going to college or not make it a priority to learn and experience new things.
Sixteen: Sometimes you have to be selfish. This was really difficult for me to understand because I’m always worried about other people. This is the time in your life where it’s all about YOU. You are creating the life that you really want!
I hope these little life lessons help you in your future!
Make good choices and knock em’ dead!




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