Helping our bright and creative minds.

I have anxiety, a lot of anxiety. Maybe you do too. It’s believed by a few people that I have seasonal affective disorder, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m also in a creative rut. You too? What a terrible combination of things to feel all at once. We’re aggravated, emotional, and feel well…empty and a little worthless.
Now what? How do we fix this? Maybe if we lay in bed drowning ourselves in terrible Netflix shows long enough some energy and creativity will hit our body and mind. NO. We can’t do that. Why not? Us creatives have to WORK at being creative. The more you do and the more you create then more creative juices come flowing through your mind!
Here’s a few tips that I have learned through difficult times to beat off all of these monstrous feelings that enter our creative and bright souls.
  • Get yourself completely ready for the day. This is the most difficult part, especially in the winter when you just want to stay in your pajamas. I’m not saying to get dressed up in heels and bright hot lipstick. Clean up, brush your hair, lather on some amazing scented lotion, and throw on some pants.
  • Let in the light. I’m a big fan of keeping the blinds open to allow sunlight in. Sunlight becomes so important to me and my creativity. I think a lot of this comes from being a morning person as well… I don’t do well with evenings, my mind is usually shut off by 7pm.
  • Light candles when it’s dark and gloomy. I’ve had a fear of burning candles for a long time but have recently taught myself that they are not so scary and really help brighten my mood. Citrus and minty scents really brighten my spirit!
  • Clean and tidy. I don’t know about many other people, but I get a lot of anxiety when it’s dirty and messy. I’ll go a few day where it doesn’t bother me and then BAM, I literally freak out. I get nervous, aggravated, and upset. Whenever I need to feel better… I clean and tidy. There’s a book out there called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up- The Japanese art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. This book is on my spring/summer reading list
  • Take a bath. This is also something that I used to not enjoy but taught myself to enjoy baths once winter came along and they made me feel so much warmer and energized. Grab a bath bomb, bubble baths, and tea. Treat yourself! It’s also a good time to read that book you’ve been meaning to pickup for a few days.
  • Read creative books. There’s quite a selection of books I have kept around that give me creative inspiration. This includes my array of Annie Leibovitz books, The Secret, Steal Like An Artist, etc.
  • Appreciate a quite coffee shop. Since I work in a loud copy and print shop that rarely slows down in production it’s a really special moment when I can just sit down in a coffee shop that’s quite to enjoy my coffee and not take it on the go.
  • Surround yourself with color. If there’s something I want to work on but a little stuck on what to do I usually just pull out my jar of embroidery flosses and admire all of the colors. It sounds silly but color really is so therapeutic. Pull out your coloring books, watercolors, paints, and just create something.
  • Get outside when the opportunity arises. Since it’s been cold and gloomy, I try to get out whenever there’s sunshine. I’ve found it SO important to my spirit during the winter since I’ve been so down. Drop everything and just go walk a couple blocks while the sun is shining.
Although some of these tips might not help everybody, I hope they can help some of you that may have the same struggles that I do!
The Wonder Seeker

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